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Study Hall

Students are supported to do homework, their doubts are explained with examples, when they are finished their work is checked by the teacher so they can take it home.



Through this sport we went to from people with integrity, to develop their motor capacity and physical condition (strength, speed, flexibility and resistance), besides coordinated capability. This academy is tought to primary and secondary students.



Through this class we seek to develop flexibility, self control, coordination, agility, also to develop strong muscles, at the same time form healthy habits, security and confidence in themselves in a fun way.

English support


Students work on their English homework, if they have doubts the teacher will explain and check that they understand and do it in a correct way. In case there is no homework, students can access to the programs of Raz-kids, Brain pop and  Mathletics to reinforce their English language.


Cheerleading Team

This team represents our school in regional and national competitions, in which they train in a competitive level according to the ages of the girls. In a cheerleading team a series of exercises are included to form a routine that last about 2 to 3 minutes, including jumps, dances and gymnastics to achieve the expected routine and presented in a competition or to parents. This sport promotes the integration of girls because girls from six to fourteen years of age are accepted that is all primary and secondary, it is a complete sport and it generates motor and physical abilities.



The target of this class is to bring students closer to music, teaching them through music values such as respect tolerance and peace. In addition music can help develop oral expression, concentration and creativity. Music has the quality of maximizing social relation and make children experience their capacity of relating with others. Thus, more than offering just a musical education, our goal is to teach through music.



For students from 1st. to 9th. Where different exercises and dynamics.



Clases vespertinas para alumnos de 7mo, 8vo y 9no, en donde los alumnos reciben asesoría para la aplicación de la prueba TOEFL. Se trabaja con un material nuevo, diferente al que llevan en clases regulares, y se destina una clase completa para cada sección de la prueba: Listening, Writing y Reading. Los alumnos participan en clases dinámicas, tienen la oportunidad de preguntar dudas e inquietudes y además realizan algunas prácticas en línea.




Ages 5, 6 y 7

The training is based on the concept “Learning is nourished with success”, using as a standard “Play to learn” (formative) and “Learn to play” (competitive).


The training plan is:

  • Fun for the game as the center point of the activity.
  • Coordination based on different games.
  • An approach to technical aspects in a general form.


Training Criterion:


  • Initial muscle development.
  • Exercises that involve different body parts are selected.
  • Strength and resistance exercises are not used.
  • Short period exercises with frequent changes are used because children pay attention for a short time, the like to be in constant movement, coming soon to fatigue and slow recovery.
  • Sport result pass to a second level.
  • The activities when ever possible are individual and without opponent.


For ages 8, 9 and 10, the training plan is:


  • Introduction to soccer fundamentals.
  • Increase on partner and team activities.
  • Create a great learning spirit before a soccer team.


Criterios del entrenamiento


  • Develop the fundamentals of soccer in the child.
  • The technical aspect.
  • The tactic aspects.
  • The physical aspect.
  • The mental aspect.


Levels of learning


  • Introduction
  • The child must learn the different form of passes and reception of the ball.
  • The child must understand the tactic movements.
  • The efforts will be based on their body, increasing partner and team exercises.
  • Establish a good fighting spirit and help their partner.





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