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Educational Program


Students have Access, by personal key, various programs, allowing them to develop their digital skills TICS. Performing activities of different subjects conducive to the development of life skills, considering the different learning styles and the multiple intelligences of each child. The activities are designed to be worked in classrooms and other activities at home under the supervision of parents.

Is an independent reading program in English that

 combines the practice of reading and the evaluation on line of reading comprehension. It develops reading abilities,

 improves test scores and motivates students to achieve

 reading success.

The reading books are electronically with interactive

 quizzes where students listen to the stories and practice pronunciation in addition to vocabulary knowledge. Students can practice their reading and improve their comprehension

 and fluency from anyplace where internet is available.

It facilitates learning through movement based on a  system of years of neuroscience research on how to create and strengthen neural networks. By combining rhythmic exercises with academic exercises, students achieve greater fluency in essential skills of reading, writing and math.


Is an English program that reinforces skills and mathematical terminology, each student individually has a personal record of their progress. This program allows each student, if he wishes to do so, to complete electronically with other students of their same age from other parts of the world.

Is an online program where students learn and develop vocabulary skills in English. It is for all students from kinder, primary and secondary.

We work with  knex and Lego. The areas that are reinforced are math, natural science and technology, student learn basic programming.

Preparation Course: Students is seventh to ninth grade have three opportunities to take the TOEFL exam during the school year. Each grade has different levels of punctuation goal. Test Magic can be used on internet to practice.

Is an academic research tool which can be used at home or at school where you can find information on more than 100,000 websites safe approved by experts.

It is a tool in English and Spanish, it provides support for teachers and students at all levels, used in all subjects. The characters Tim and Moby help to introduce the topic and illustrate complex concepts through cartoons.

The Listening Program: Is a method of auditory stimulation based on music. It is a safe and effective approach, which helps improve brain function and train necessary listening skills to learn and communicate effectively.

It is a diagnostic evaluation that measures the phase in which the student is found in Spanish reading.

Values education is to promote the development of thinking, capacity of analysis, empathy, moral development and affection.

Homework and activities: This page has access to all the information related with homework, you do not need to come to school to pick up your child homework when they are absent, the student will have the equivalent of the days not attended to turn in homework and class work.


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